Resume & Testimonials

Nick Hopping is a stand up comedian based in New York City. He has performed at comedy clubs all over the country. In addition Nick appeared in the 2018 Underground Comedy Fest and 2018 Trial by Laughter.

'I had the pleasure of working with Nick recently and was blown away by his act ad respect of the craft of stand up comedy. His act is fresh, honest and has great point of view that I just don't see with young comics.  He was also professional and easy to work with' - Matt Kazam, Las Vegas Headliner

'His writing is superb and he oozes performance charisma -- that mysterious thing that makes you wanna hear what someone has to say even before they open their mouth.' - Curt Shackelford, Stand Up Comedy to Go.

'whip-smart, razor-tongued' - Northern Virginia Magazine