Nick and Nathan Hopping answer the MOST INPORTANT questions EVER.

#57 What if you were an Animal News Anchor in the forest? Ft. Timothy Atkinson
#56 Would you teach the weird kids at hogwarts the kill spells?
#55 What if the Mafia did lame team building exercises? Ft. Zach Russell
#54 What if there was a Jimmy Buffett themed serial killer? Ft. Santiago Angel
#53 What if the hamburglar was in ocean’s 11? Ft. Charles Engle
#52 What if Bill Cosby is death? Ft. Zach Russell
#51 What if you farted in the gas chamber?
#50 What if Trump started a prison reality show? FT. Timothy Atkinson
#49 How would you make barbie more dark and gritty? FT. Ben Kirschenbaum
#48 What if the Illuminate is Lame now? Ft. Stephen Campbell
#47 How would you make Peter Pan Grow up? FT. Zach Russell
#46 What if you could design your own grandma?
#45 Sign my petition for more Neurodiverse Mall Santas? Ft. Ben Kirschenbaum
#44 Could you assemble a heist crew to setal from your own ass? Ft. Austin Locke
#43 WHat if you were being reincarnated as Mr.Hands?
#42 WHat if Pinocchio watched andrew tate to become a real man?
#41 How would YOU ask for a little girl’s eggs?
#40 What if getting kicked in the balls launched you 15 feet in the air?
#39 What if everyone wrote in “your mom” for president?
#38 What if you came Genies?
#37 What if there was a Backetball team called “the widowers?” ft. Manth and Jessi Freeman
#36 A horror movie about an ass that won’t quit?
#35 What if Wolverine got stopped by TSA?
#34 Are you stronger than a 5th grader?
#33 What if your stillborn baby left a note?
#32 What if it was israel vs palestine vs connecticut?
#31 Would you enforce a no fly zone on the “up” guy? ft. Charles Engle & Zach Russell
#30 What if your mom started dating the monster under your bed?
#29 (pt.2) What if all the subway sandwhiches made jared a monster?
#29 (pt.1) What if a there was a drug dealer who didn’t want blowjobs?
#28 (pt.2) What if you were a drag queen named Maartin luther queen jr?
#27 (pt.1) WHat is Taika Waititi’s advice for the next hitler?
#26 (pt.2) What if you had to become friends with mike tyson or die? ft. Jamie wolf
#26 (pt.1) Death Battle: Home alone vs lion king? ft. Jamie wolf
#25 (pt.2) What if Joe Biden starred in forrest gump?
#25 (pt.1) What if the government banned karate chops?
#24 (pt.2) Are we too mean to Nathan? ft. Mantha
#24 (pt.1) What if Love was meth? ft. Mantha
#23 What if your hair was snakes?
#22 What if you were a magician for the blind? ft. Kevin Seefried
#21 What if you could turn into a bath tub? FT. Charles Engle
#20 What if the FBI only hired cancalled white guys?
#19 What if genies were real but could not grant wishes? ft. Brittany Carney
#18 What if your mom was actually Christian Bale playing a role?
#17 What if you got bit by Danny DeVito and BECAME Danny DeVito? ft. Peter Wong?
#16 How would you market the bat-nipples?
#15 (pt.2) Would you pay $35 a day to save Jimmy Carter? ft. Andrea Allan
#15 (pt.1) What face tatoo would you give your enemies? ft. Andrea Allan
#14 What if spiderman shot webs with his hips? Ft. Zach Russell
#13 What is your Hate Language?
#12 Would you Freaky Friday Sarah Palin for 4 months? ft. Matty Litwack
#11 What if the Female Body Inspectors (FBI) were a real agency? ft. Kyle boyce
#10 Who would win in a fight – Aang or Santa?
#9 – What if you were the king of all the weak chinned men?
#8 – Would you take super strength if you had to moan to use it?
#7 – Would people jump off bridges called the “Jeff Bridges?” ft. Bridget Geiran
#6 – Would you rather be Jeffrey Dahmer’s VICTIM or Jeff Dunham’s DUMMY?
#5- Would SAW be better with Microtranactions?
#4 – Would you ask a stranger to scratch your back?
#3 – Would you rather be addicted to coke or slight of hand magic?
#2 – What if you could time travel…but only while pooping?
#1 – What if you could transfer fat from person to person?